WCNA’s Mission & Purpose

Wynnefield Community Neighborhood Association Inc. improves Wynnefield’s quality of life & strengthens community involvement and unity.

Our Mission

We encourage civic engagement, promote the safety and welfare of our neighbors, provides a public discussion forum, preserve our character, support and augment the delivery of government services, partners with police and city agencies, serves as Townwatch, i.e. eyes and ears, participates in coordinating street cleanup and recycling with the neighborhood Block Captains Association, and promotes dialogue with elected offcials. We partner closely with the Friends of Wynnefield Triangle Park and other parks groups, our neighborhood schools, community gardens, tree tenders, library, 19th Police District, business corridors and build relationships and partner with other local resources and institutions.

About WCNA

Wynnefield Community Neighborhood Association Inc. also known as “WCNA” is a non-profit 501C(3) and 2021 Registered Community Organization which began in April 2021. The idea of a “new” community organization in Wynnefield was birthed out of the volunteer work and community service taking place daily which allowed the founder and President, Dee Dukes, to focus on some vital needs of neighbors which were not being met. Unity and Involvement became a “tagline” created by the Vice President, Derrick Howie when initially partnering and working together as community leaders of the Wynnefield Block Captains Association. “Unity and Involvement” is now an integral part of WCNA’s mission and purpose.

Wynnefield Community Neighborhood Association’s objectives and goals include encouraging civic engagement by way of public discussion forums intended to listen and hear the voices of the neighbors, advocate and resolve quality of life issues and concerns, strengthen community involvement and unity, handle zoning and property matters, promote transparency, safety, health and wellness and well-being of our neighbors and preserve the historical nature of the Wynnefield Community.

Our Committees

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