Zoning in Wynnefield

WCNA holds regular Zoning Committee meetings, designed to keep our neighbors informed about the various building applications, developments, and trends connected to land purchasing and land use that are happening in our Community. We are working consistently to make sure that decisions regarding what will be built in Wynnefield, who it will serve, and how the developers of the homes (residential) or businesses (commercial) will be responsive to the desires of the Community. ALL RCOs with boundaries in Wynnefield are responsible for outreach and engagement to neighbors and especially nearby neighbors.

Check out our new upcoming Zoning properties here. Look out for the schedule for upcoming public Zoning meetings in 2023. Zoning meetings are open to members of the public.

Have concerns or questions about a building, development, or application for land in Wynnefield? Contact our Zoning Chairs (Dee & Njemele) by email @ wcnarcoinfo@gmail.com. .

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